Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i hate kids with messy faces but the camera wont wait

hey boys!
Emma has a very nice collection of headbands that she refuses to wear. She always takes them off, but when I wear my headbands, she of course takes it off my head and puts in on hers. I hope she doesn't get used too used to this idea. She got yogurt stains on my new headband that was a gift from my best friend and tends to always leave some sort of mark on my accessories that she "borrows"


  1. Yeah...just like she "borrowed" my keys, made multiple copies, committed a break in while i was out, sold all my wares on ebay and took my Chloe bag hostage. She likes to "borrow" alright.

  2. oh stop! she gave stinky a cut of her profits so it all stays in the family.