Thursday, March 4, 2010

emma's antics

I feel I have mentioned how emma is into scolding the cat now. She is really vocal about not letting one of his antics go by unnoticed. If he so much as lays a whisker on her, she starts saying "Neh Neh", or when he tries to get on the table or sits on my laptop, she goes right into her "nehs". And if I fail to scold him, she just stares at me with this quizzical look wondering when I will start giving the cat his just desserts. Her other new thing is she knows quite well she is not supposed to put things in her mouth. I always say "en la boca no". So her new way around this is she places something up to her ear, as if using a phone and slowly starts sliding it towards her mouth waiting for the moment you look away. She has this priceless look as if saying "what, it is NOT in my mouth". If you catch her putting in her mouth, she just slides it right back to her ear. she is too much, the little punk.

She is also getting into her routine. After dinner, she lifts her foot up to me so I can take off her shoes. It is step one in the undressing process for bath time. She understands that the diaper must come off before she gets in the tub and even tries to remove it herself. She is still quite barbaric but it is a pleasure to watch. She will occasionally take off running around naked, but once she hears the splashing of her toys in the water, she comes a running and lets herself in the tub.

I love her so much. Her laughter, her joy, she is great kid and learns so much each day that I sound like a broken record.

I haven't been posting much lately, just been busy with work and actually taking some much deserved mommy time with my good friends in the city. Those encounter with Emma's new friend will be coming shortly.

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  1. Frankly, I don't see what the big commotion is about Emma running around naked before she gets her bath or about how she takes her diaper off in a frenzy right before she hits the tub. I've been doing that for years and nobody has written a blog about it. And each night after dinner, when I put my foot up and Brian starts to undo my shoelaces, all he does is shake his head and suck his teeth. He doesn't think it's that cute. If it weren't for Brian splashing my toys in the tub or enticing me with string cheese, I probably wouldn't even make it to bath time. So look, Emma and I...we're like two peas in a pod. We do the same thing...someone needs to write a blog about me too.