Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the love affair continues

the infamous Mr. Gato, aka RB (rat ba#%$$*)

The more I photograph emma, the more I realize how Gato is always manages to include at least one part of his body in the photo. You can usually see the tip of his tail in a corner or his whiskers sticking up. As much as he is an RB and I want to send him back, I just cannot. I see the two of them, frick and frack, and I just know they have something special. They actually play with each other. She will taunt him with her beads or a piece of string and he complies. She has a bouncy ball that lights up and she will spend hours just playing fetch with him. As much as she tries to use him as an ottoman or body pillow, he never runs away or viciously attacks her. At night when she is falling asleep, I can hear her laughing these soft giggles and having these "conversations" and it takes me a while to realize that Gato has snuck into her room. Just last night he was outside her door faithfully guarding her sleep. I don't like him staying in there because he sheds like nobody's business. In the morning she always gives him a morning kiss and he just stays still while she leans over and puts her nose up to his. It really is something precious, even if he turns around and starts biting my calves and I kick him into the next room, (by accident). I was telling my good friend, Emma's tita, yesterday of how Emma loves cheese so much she could eat her weight in cheese. She loves every kind of cheese, blue, brie, smoked, stringy, American, you name it and she has tried and loved it. One day I was cutting her some extra sharp cheddar and she was so impatient that she just took the cube of cheese and started gnawing on it, as if it were a cuttle bone. It was so funny, she thought nothing of it, she just was happily chomping away at her cheese. Of course who jumps up right next to her? Gato, he tried to get in on the action, but that is where Emma draws the line. Ain't no one coming between her and her cheese!! Too much!

psst, giveme soma dem cheese


  1. Emma and Gato will notoriously go down in history as one of the most naughty and troublemaking duo of all time. Right up there with the likes of Leopold and Loeb, Bonnie and Clyde and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, minus the murderous sprees, of course. I love how Gato looks after her, protects her and how she in turn acts as loving disciplaniarian when he's being naughty. He's basically her furry body guard. The two of them are simply adorable. He's certainly worth the bites and ankle scratches!

  2. Cheese lovers of the world unite!!