Monday, March 29, 2010

emma over the weekend.

strike a pose

and stretch!

romper, Liberty of London for Target
socks, dollar bin at Target
hair clip, Gymboree
mesmerized look, all Yo Gabba Gabba

so i feel like Emma did a lot of amazing, small things this weekend and now my mind is going blank. she had her 18 month check up this morning and all went well. she remembers that place quite well, so there is no pulling a fast one on her when trying to trick her into enjoying her doctor's visits. The minute she went into the examine room she turned into a rabbit caught in a snare. she kept trying to find ways out of that room and was very clingy. The paper liner that she so loved as a baby, now frightened her and she knew quiet well what was to go down in just a few moments. Emma is now in the 'above the 97%' for height and at 34 inches is quite the supermodel toddler. her weight is in the 90% and all is else is well. she was shy but eventually was climbing all over the place.

Small gestures Emma did this weekend were, Emma loves to imitate us now and as you all know she loves her step stool. She will push it up next to me when I "cook" and as I was chopping some vegetable, she placed her banana down and grabbed the garlic press and tried "chopping" it. It was too cute. she also sweeps up dust and knows to wipe up liquids with a paper towel and she knows how to use a napkin on her hands.

She loves throwing everything away in the 'brua' and we are constantly rummaging through the garbage to make sure no phone, gem or jump drive has ended up there. She will make the long journey to the kitchen, no matter where she is to throw away her trash.

She really loves to scold the cat and she does so with such determination.

We took her to Trader Joes on Friday and she was the hit of the store. Everyone literally stopped to say hi to her and tell me how pretty she was and Emma of course was a ham , waving at everyone and telling them bye bye. I let her push the little "customer in training" cart and she was in complete control of it. the first time she used one she was all over the place, ramming into peoples heels. but now she was a true shopper and even put a loaf of bread in her cart and knew to hand it to the check out girl when it was time to pay. She made the required pit stop at the sample area and three samplings of the garlic bread with pastrami.

She is a delight, she loves music and to dance and her Reese's pieces. I do not give Emma candy but she has found one or two stray Reese's on the floor. I try and tell her that what is on the floor is trash and not to eat it. On Sat she found a Reese and I could tell she was thinking about. Her little conscious was trying to guide her but alas her tummy won. She had a cookie in one hand and Emma gently put the Reese behind the cookie and slowly started to bring them to her mouth. She avoided all contact with us and thought she was being really sly. she thought she could sneak the Reese in with the cookie but alas we stopped her and gave her a clean one.

On Sunday, Anthony was playing ball with her, he had the soccer ball and she had the dainty pink ball. When both balls ended up in the kitchen , Emma ran up to get hers as Anthony asked her "where is my ball?" I honesty didn't think Emma would understand his question but much to my amazement, she put her ball down and brought daddy over his ball. So today I'm getting all nervous as she and Antony are flying to Tampa tomorrow, just the two of them. I will be without them for 4 days and i already miss her. I try not to think on whether or not it will be hard on Emma to not see me and I am really trying to not think about the flight and how Emma cannot sit still for more than 3 minutes. I will def be praying for them both to have safe flight and my heart will be sad for a few days. but we will be together for a whirlwind weekend of beach, Easter egg hunts and Disney!!!

so here are some pics of Emma in her Liberty of London romper i found for her this weekend.

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