Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my little helper

Emma is really attentive when I am doing something and will quickly jump in to help. And while I adore her initiative and appreciate her help, the reality is she can help me more by not helping me. But it is too cute to get upset. This weekend we went to ikea and got her some mini furniture. A little desk and chair and a toy chest. I have noticed that Emma thinks she is a big girl and likes to use adult sized items. She no longer wants to eat in her high chair, opting instead for her little step stool. whenever I say "lets eat" she pushes her step stool to the table and hops on. She also wants to eat with adult sized utensils. She will not bother with the baby spoons and forks. She is into stabbing her food now and has made major improvements tho she still prefers to eat mostly with her hands. (she is after all my feral baby)so while i was setting up her desk, Emma decided to help me. she grabbed the extra screw driver and started inserting it in the holes. She was very determined to help me, even tho I know she had no clue what the steps were. She was also helpful in helping me put back her foam play mat. I will admit that that time I lost my cool as I was trying to clean each board before placing them back on the floor . She was just throwing the dirty ones on top of the clean ones, thus creating more work for me. But in the end I realize I am proud of her for her attentiveness and generosity. she is one cute baby.

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