Monday, March 29, 2010

I wish I could quit you!

sharing her book with him

he really always is two steps away from her.

why must he be such a bastard?! He has now bitten emma two times on her upper thigh and both times she has been caught off guard and burst into tears. He is known for his cobra attacks on naked legs and Anthony and I decided that it would be best to send him back to the shelter and see if we could exchange him for another one. He is so unpredictable. Emma still loves him, she still kisses him first thing in the morning and hugs him. I fear she would miss him if he were gone. The funny thing is that the whole weekend he was an angel. As if he understood our disgust at him and he wanted to make amends. He was so quiet and giving you Puss in Boots eyes. so for now we are on the fence. We shall see ow long this love affair can last.

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