Wednesday, March 24, 2010

emma doing more grown up things

Emma is doing more and more things that you and I do. She understands so many concepts now. On Monday I told her it was time for supper and we were in the living, so she ran ahead of me to the kitchen and pulled her step stool to the table. She loves her nasty, beat up, cheap ikea step stool so much. She refuses to use the highchair anymore as she is a big girl and likes to eat at the table with us. She also only like to use adult utensils. So that night we had asparagus and she loves to eat them like carrots, but the time she got to the end, it was all chewed up and she didn't want it any more. She held it in her hand and went "braw". Braw is her way of saying basura, which is Spanish for trash. I try and tell her that everything on the floor is basura and we don't put in our mouth or when we see discarded trash on the floor i tell her that is it basura and not to touch it. Well, after she held the chewed up asparagus in her hand, she walked over to the trash and put it in the trash can and applauded to herself. I was so proud that she got the concept that trash goes in the trash can. She was having a ball the rest of the evening as I handed her trash to throw away. She still eats food off the floor, but these are baby steps after all. She also knows that spills on the floor require to be picked up by some sort of cloth. She split her milk on the floor of her sitters and walked over to get her bib and patted the spilt milk. she is too darn cute!

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  1. You are right. Emma is doing more grown up things. Just the other day when I found her sipping on Dewar's and smoking her Marlboro reds, I was instantly hit with the thought: How soon they grow up.