Monday, March 8, 2010

emma this weekend.

So here I go, more rants about how wonderful emma is. She has a couple of watershed moments this weekend. On sat, when we came home after a day in the city, emma found a key attached to a neck chain. She grabbed it walked up to the door and kept placing the key on the knob. she then went from door to door trying to get the key to go in the knob. she is so attentive to everything I can always see the gears in her mind turning. She finally gave up and opted for ome cheese instead. Then after her bath, she saw a Qtip on the floor, it was clean people, and she placed it in her ear. she was just smiling at us and we were impressed that she knew where the qtip goes. I have only used them on her about three times, as I am scared of hurting her ear drums. I usually just use tissue and wipe her ears. It was another simple gesture that just took us over the moon.
So on Sunday I was putting a picture of emma in a frame and emma walked over to the frame and pointed at her picture and said "Emma". My eyes welled up. it was so much, to hear her say her own name and to know that she recognizes her picture as herself. IT was heaven. To hear her little voice say her name, oh...
Finally, emma did the cutest swan/curtsy/yoga pose. I have started working out and emma is always around watching me or sabotaging my routines. I always end with strecthing and a sun salutation. I guess something caused an impression on her, because yesterday as I was stretching, emma started stretching and it wasn't just a stretch it is this beautiful curtsy pose. I had to film it so you guys can see. Granted our apt is always looking rough, since no matter how much we try , with emma it is just hard to keep things in order. It was Sunday morning and Emma had all her toys spread out so please don't mind the mess. Emma kept doing it trough the day since she realized she gets such a loud response from us. It is so darling to see her be gentle and soft, after I spend my days chasing her and calling her my feral child. I realized yesterday that i spend so much time worrying and not enjoying the little things in life. I realized emma is a wonderful healthy child and I am so blessed and lucky to have her in my life. I need to applaud her successes and try and let her little antics not affect me so much. She is turning into a great child, who loves to socialize, talk, dance, share, read. I cannot ask for more. I need to remeber with health, there is not much else we need to be happy. yes money helps a lot, but I think for now I will take a healthy child over money.

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