Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lazy sunday, march 14

top, Target
pants, Gap
fearlessness, all mommy

Today we just wanted to relax and get some shopping done. we went to target and Trader Joes and in the afternoon took Emma to a nice park to get her sillies out. We took her little car with us for her to ride around on it, but she was very happy just pushing it. I dont know why she didnt want to actually ride it, but she there she was. It almost seemed as if she wanted to imitate me and how i was pushing the empty stroller. who knows. She is a very independent and would not allow us to help her steer her car. every time we put our hands on it , she would stop and remove our hands from it. it was really funny. she does not like to be told how to do things. I did have a Homer moment at the park when Emma stopped to look at some squirrels by a tree and three of the squirrels stopped to look back at her and started to approach her. Coming from Florida where "domesticated" squirrels show no shame in coming right up to you and asking for food, i recognized that look in their eye and their unflinching approach towards us. I was so taken with these cute animals wanting to get close to Emma, but then fear set in as I did not want them to bite her and give her rabies. So in true Homer Simpson fashion I was saying out loud "oh cute little squirrels, ah rabies!!! but look how cute they are, No stay away from my baby, aw their eye are so cute. RABIES! RUN!" The rest of the day Emma played and colored and was having a fun time putting my slippers on and running in them.

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