Monday, December 20, 2010

Better late than never.

stylish even in the kitchen

Yesterday as I was making cookies with Emma I realized that I was living my childhood dream. My mom is great and I love her but she is the anti-Martha. She was spoiled and didn't even know how to make an egg when she got married. As a child I longed to spend time with my mom, baking and singing Christmas carols. Being as how my mom is Mexican, she didn't know any Christmas carols and never was one to make a "fool" of herself . This is funny because now she gets on all fours and does things with her grandchildren that I have to question who that woman is. Well, now I am in the kitchen, listening to Christmas music and making cookies and crafts, the only difference is I am the mom and Emma is the little girl. It is always better to experience things at some point than to never experience them at all.

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