Wednesday, December 15, 2010

last minute craft ideas for the family, well the adult.

If you guys are fans of The Office you are familiar with how Oscar is constantly saying "actually". The latest inside joke between Claudia and me is me constantly saying "actually" every time I see something that I feel we could totally make. In a way I feel like Martha, "you know if you just...." So in reality my actually is really "you know you could". Seriously though, if you take the time to look at things you realize they are things that most people could make if time and unlimited funds for supplies were not an issue. Anyway, I saw these two images and was thrilled the blogger included the how-tos. I love the felt tree and feel it is easy peasy! I have felt and pins, just need the cone. Can we say Michaels?
Check these great blogs out for those of you who get some time off this Holiday and want to feel somewhat crafty.
image via Scissor variation
you know if you sprayed the leaves with spray adhesive and sprinkled glitter over them it would add a whole other dimension, I'm just saying.

image via little light studio

image via Cheeky Mag Pie

I included this image because I saw it last year on Apartment Therapy which lead to look at what other amazing project you can do with recycled books, but that is another post in itself.

I need to find out where this came from. I promise to come back with a link, but you know, if you just roll sheets of paper and hot glue under what looks like a coffee filter and place whatever image you like on top, you would have pretty much the above image and you could basically use it for whatever occasion you need. Just saying.

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