Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This morning...

dress, Gap
jeggings, Old Navy
turtle neck, Target
boots, Stride Rite
ready to get her shop on, all momma!

... was actually not so bad considering I feel Emma is getting less and less sleep. After getting off her chair several times and not eating her cereal, I placed her in the high chair, which has become a form of punishment for her. She didn't even peep. She ate her cereal and handed it to me once she was done and asked to go abajo. She then went to my room and started jumping on my bed. I had to tackle her to get her off and then I proceeded to sing the 5 monkeys jumping on the bed song. I am desperate to try new approaches to getting her not to do things since I feel I yell too much to her. My mom said that I am just stressing her out so I'm taking the "I'm going to ignore you" approach. It is really hard to contain myself as she really knows how to push my buttons. So I grabbed her off the bed sang the song and she laughed and seemed ok. She then asked to see Mickey so I made her ask me in a full sentence and she repeated "Queiro ver Mickey" It was too much! and then I told her we had to leave and she went to turn off the TV and went to the door without throwing anything. Now getting her to the car was a challenge since there was snow everywhere and she was in heaven. But I'm open to trying out new ways of discipline. My heart feel that perhaps she just needs me to be around more than I am and it really breaks my heart when she reaches out to me as I leave. I have dreams of moving back to Florida to be around family and a support system. Anyway...

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