Monday, December 20, 2010

This weekend daily wear

dress, Gilt group

I love the back buttons.

I had to work on Sat and that pretty much sucked up most of my time. I was able to photograph Emma wearing the lovely dress her godmother, my friend, Naz gave her. I think she looks fabulous! She is so cute and loving. She is slowly turning into a momma's girl. There are moments where she only wants me to carry her around the house and I really question where this affection was when she only weighted 13 lbs. She loves to hug me and snuggle at night. She also likes it when I gently rub her eyebrows and nose as she falls asleep. She is such a diva.
She can say dinosaur and yesterday she came up to me and said "yo quiero mumbles". I knew she wanted something but since I couldn't understand what, she eventually moved onto other things. She loves to say "stop it", especially to the cats then they fight or claw the furniture and she is being more gentle with Gato. She had a really bad diaper rash and I had to get prescription medication to help ease the pain, so I know she has been uncomfortable for these past few weeks, but she is on the mend. She is a trooper and I realized today that most things pass and hopefully can only get better.

dress, Gap
tights, Gymboree

from the back. She loves giving attitude.

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