Thursday, December 2, 2010

nap time

I have been lucky this week, I was able to go see Emma all week to spend my lunch with her and on Mon and Tuesday I actually took some much needed cat naps with her. It was lovely to be able to squeeze in a little power nap next to my favorite person. However, today she just did not want to nap. She was all over her room, but she was doing the sweetest thing. She was gathering all of her stuffed animals and laying them on her pillows and saying "nap time, good night and buenas noches" It was so sweet how each one had to have a soft surface to lay on...I just wish she would have followed their lead. I took some pics with my not great phone camera.

On a side note I decided to put her in a dress that she got for her b-day. It is a sweet dress, a tad too traditional for my taste ,but I really wanted her to wear the tights I got her at Gymboree. I just love their print! Plus she didn't have any clean socks, did mention I haven't been feeling all there.

dress, Macys
tights, Gymboree
the need to organize, all her moma!

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