Friday, December 3, 2010

it's cupcake time!!!

I have been holding onto this Martha Stewart recipe for mint chocolate cupcakes since Halloween knowing that they would be perfect for Xmas. I started making the frosting on Tuesday, before I started feeling under the weather and then had to put them on hold until last night. I actually had two recipes I wanted to try, one from my first, and only, cupcake book. It is slightly different from Martha and I was only going to do those but I took too long doing laundry and they stayed in the oven a tad longer than I wanted them to. I like my cupcakes moist and I felt those were a little over done. I was so disappointed and determined to use my cream cheese frosting that I pulled the Martha recipe out and started over. I kept the first batch because you can always kinda save cupcakes with obscene amounts of frosting or use them to make cake balls...but after my taste tester told me they were really good, I realized they were more of a mint chocolate muffin. So I sprinkled a little powdered sugar on top and voila. Now the Martha ones!! If I do say so myself, those are sooooo delicious. They even taste better the next day. They are so moist and rich and I feel I have perfected my own recipe for cream cheese frosting! I even went all out and make mint shaped chocolate leaves as garnish. They were a hit at my husband's job and I think my coworkers will like they if they ever try them...they just always seem to be watching their weight.

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