Wednesday, December 1, 2010


so I wanted to make Emma an advent calendar that would be interactive and fun. I did it without the first clue on what really makes an advent calendar something more than opening a door to get to the chocolate. Yesterday I decided to look online to see other advent calendars ideas just for kicks and if you see the picture below,

image via So happy, this lady can sew!

yeah that is not what mine looks like. I feel a tad bummed, I am human after all. I realize I should have looked at blogs before I started my endeavor but I genuinely wanted to make Emma something from the heart. So I don't have a sewing machine and I only know the very , VERY primitive concepts of stitching by hand. The glue gun is my friend and tho it doesn't have a lot of the details these have, it is still sweet, no? I mean you don't have to have a lot of time, money or skills to make your child something. If you want to then you should at least try and limiting yourself will pretty much get you no where. So I am proud that I started and finished...well, I still need to add the stitching detail to each date, but she has it and most likely will ignore it like the Boo doll and I can only feel good about accomplishing something no matter how small. pic will come later, as I was, you guessed it, late again this morning.
also not mine, image via Inchmark

also not mine, image via Pottery Barn Kids

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