Thursday, December 16, 2010

da ninj, aka ninjzilla, aka da punk, my love

When she was born she had a good head of hair and a little cowlick on the top that almost looked like a little tornado. My mom said that was a sign of a strong character and even the nurses in the NICU said she was a force to be reckon with. I guess they must have seen something I couldn't see until now.
She loves to yell at the cats now with such force that her "nos" have a subtle growl to them. She really does learn by example so Ant and I have both been treating the cats with a little more respect so she learns to treat animals with kindness. I mean don't get me wrong, we don't beat our cats but we do tend to be stern with them as they like to get on the table and swipe our food. Man, even the cats are living the high life at our place.
Another sweet thing she did yesterday is she saw me in my workout cloths and simply said, mama ejercisio, (exercise). I couldn't help but be amazed because that is a word I have never taken the time to teach her yet she said it with such ease. She cant say simple words like like but she can say ejercisio and quiero.
And finally, Emma loves to sing and is a huge Yo Gabba Gabba fan. I bought her their CD and we listen to it in the car every morning and this morning she was singing song after song, hitting all the right notes and intonations, it was too cute! I realized last night that pretty soon I will be having conversations with this little person and that is something that I is going to bring immense joy to me.

side note..I know I have been slacking on E's pics and daily wear but mornings are too crazy and she was sick and now it is freezing, but I promise soon!

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