Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's book-Mon Cirque

So I have decided that I shall focus on one book per week as it really does take some time to put these lists together. I hope to get enough readers to one day to a book give away as I am such an advocate for getting children to love reading. I really hit the lotto with that one. Emma adores her books and I spend a pretty penny on her ever expanding collection. Well this week I want to talk about Xavier Deneux's book My Circus.
My Circus is a board book, so keep that in mind when shopping around. I feel any child older than three might get bored since there is no story line; however babies will respond to the lovely imagery and bold use black, white and red colors, while toddler's will expand their vocabulary as they learn about the many components of a circus. Trapeze artists, jugglers and magicians fill these pages with cut outs on each page that carry onto the following. The illustrations are simple yet eye catching and the overall design is quite clever. I never tire of looking at this book. It truly is a sophisticated word book. Though Deneux has written several children's books in French, only this one and My Animals, which follows the same format as My Circus, are available in the US. Emma has both books, with owning this book in both Spanish and in French to show you what a fan I am.

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