Thursday, December 9, 2010

oh oh-trouble trouble trouble

I have just spent all morning looking at this fantastic site called Pinterset. Seriously, I think I have blog overload. So many wonderful, fabulous things, are just some of the highlights....I plan on getting lost some more this weekend, le sigh!

seriously talented lady, Hine

By Pumpkin Knits, she even tells you how she sort of made it...I need to learn the single crochet knot thingymamove.

just because it is too darn cute!

By Melissa Crowe (I could so do this)

from What Party, I want to give this one to my friend Claudia-to bad it is sold out

Iv'e been a fan of Helen Mussel White for a while now and her new bell jars are to die for

I totally want this sloth necklace by Mary Mary Handmade

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  1. You know I would be all over that fashion faux that I'm all fresh out of fashion police violation tickets to hand out, this would have been classic.