Monday, December 6, 2010


what i feel I look like, so not Florence + the Machine...but I guess I can make it work, sigh

so I have been, and will most likely be M.I.A this week. Emma is really sick. This weekend we were going to take her to see Foofa at the Hicksville mall and go cut our own Xmas tree, but it all had to be scrapped as she needed to rest. But I did get my haircut and man, the hairstylist got a little too scissor happy. what I ended up with was the last thing I ever wanted - a bob. I'm kinda over them as I find them a tad boring and I've rocked a bob for a big part of my life. I wanted change, but I do love my bangs....they make me feel not so humdrum. I feel I kinda look like Karen O or Selma Blair. Anyway, in 6 months I will have the hair cut I kinda wanted and if I am able to maintain my bangs, in one year I will be super set. So here's to hair growing and me being able to donate my hair to some person who needs it more than I do.

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