Monday, December 13, 2010

loving you barbie

As Emma is getting better, soon my posts will return to her antics, but I have just a couple more posts that have pretty much nothing to do with the ninj. This weekend I spent an impromptu GDO with my dear friend Claudia and it was then that we exchanged gifts. Now I need to go back some year to my 8th birthday party. I really, really wanted a Loving You Barbie and was aware that at birthday parties you usually didn't get the gifts you desired. Instead, just like in Toy Story, you got more practical gifts like clothing or sensible Board Games. I don't mean to sound like an ingrate but I was aware that the chances of me getting that particular Barbie were slim to none. However I kept hoping and wishing and when I unwrapped the present that was indeed my dream gift, I was over the moon. I felt so giddy and for once I truly felt it was all about me. I guess I have never enjoyed being the center of attention and birthday parties were fun because I got to see all my friends and have a good time as a group. At that moment I didn't care that all eyes were on me but I do remember trying to control my emotions so as to not hurt the feelings of the girl who gave me underwear.
Anyway, I can honestly say I haven't had that feeling of complete elation and unexpected surprise in a very long time. In fact it is pretty hard to surprise me, I guess it is just the natural sleuth in me but I always can find out what I'm getting. This weekend I was taken back to 1983 and I was 8 all over again. As I took a blue colored pouch out from a pillow box, I recognized the bag and the store which it came from. However I never imagined it would contain the one item, well one of two, that I had placed on my dream wish list. See Anthroplogie is a lovely store with items that run a tad above my price range. As I pulled back the tissue paper I was brought to tears when I recognized the necklace as one that I had placed on my dream list. I think what made it even more wonderful was how caught off guard I was. It felt fabulous to be surprised and I could feel how the gift genuinely came from her heart. She then proceeded to tell me some very kind words and I felt special, I felt like a child and I felt like I deserved it.

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  1. Oh! But you deserve it! And you deserve many more more wonderful meant so much to me that it MEANT so much to YOU and it was such a joy knowing that you would love it because it was on your wish list.
    I simply adore you and wanted you to know just how special and how much you mean to me.
    Fatinas forever! Help us Baby Sneezus!!!