Friday, December 10, 2010

on the mend

I was going to call this post "Calgon take me away" as the ninj was ninjzilla this morning. Everything out of her mouth was "no". she knocked down the lamp busting the light bulb, threw everything within arms reach, tossed my coffee on the ground and refused to get dressed or stand. It was rough. I needed a cigarette, too bad I quit a while ago. So She was super cranky all day but then when I got home from work, she became the dream child. I had taken her puzzles, dvds and playdough away from her as a form of punishment for tossing them in rage and not picking them up. I was curious all day how she would keep herself busy and I saw that she was quite content painting and coloring when I got home.
She was even pleasant when we ate and sat through most of the meal. Towards the end I told her if she would eat two more bites of broccoli then she would get a cookie. Trader Joes makes these really yummy gingerbread men cookies which she loves. She calls them Gingy after Shrek and will play with it before eating them very daintily. I also gave her a plain snowman shaped cookies. She had left some broccoli on her plate and after she finished gingy, she came over to her plate and placed the snowman cookie on her plate and proceeded to finish her broccoli. I kept thinking whose child is this? She has always been really good about eating her vegetables but to choose it over a cookie. She then went to go brush her teeth and I could hear "come on" from the bathroom. I was just going to brush her teeth but then she wanted a shower so we took a quick shower and off to bed. Now getting her to sleep is still a struggle but baby steps.

One other funny thing she did tonight was one of the cats was under the Christmas tree and as clear as day she started telling the cat "don't touch the tree" . I cannot tell you how many times a day I tell her, "do not touch, no toces" and to hear her say it back to the cat was too much and I started laughing. It was basically the pot calling the kettle black. She is getting better at attempting her verbs, we finally got her to say "quiero" after weeks of training.

As to her cold, Emma is getting better, she has a voice now, still snotty and has that cough that wont go away, but she is on the mend and I feel by Christmas she will be 100 %.

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