Thursday, December 16, 2010


this pic was of her first Christmas, two years ago. You can see just how happy she is. I feel so blessed.

...was one of those days where Emma was the most well behaved child. She did as she was told, had restraint and was just all around pleasant. I'm realizing this child is THE most independent child with THE strongest will I have ever seen. I have no idea where this strong personality and extrovertedness comes from. Both Ant and I were quiet children and liked to be coddled and to this day we are pretty chill, but Emma has never been one to be comforted or be still. Genetics is an amazing and funny thing. She can take a tumble and will just get right back up and "keeps ta truckin'" and always seems to want music on and people to clap and dance around her. She wants to do things on her terms. I guess all kids are like this, I mean growing up we didn't like to follow orders, but Emma takes it to another level. It is as if she is the captain running the ship.

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