Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!!

I am so excited that it is December and though the weather makes me feel like we are in September, I cannot tell you how much I am going to work at making this month spectacular....but maybe I shouldn't put too much effort because I realize that the most magical days are the ones that just happen with no planning and for no reason.
December is great because it is not only Christmas but also my Birthday!! And I cannot begin to tell you how notoriously awful my birthdays have been. I think the last decent one I had was when I turned 27. I was in Mexico and my aunt made sure that I felt special from morning until night. She just has the knack and it wasn't that she gave me lavish gifts, but she just made sure that I had surprises waiting for me at each bend. Anyway, this is my month and I am going to book myself a hot stone massage and a pedicure and take myself shopping at Anthropoligie. I might even sign up for a mommy and me dance class with Emma, these are things I have always wanted to do and hoped hints would have been received so I'm just going to take things into my own hands.
Plus, I am getting a haircut this Sat after two years!!! It is a rat's nest, so long and unhealthy. I totally want this look...

but I am not sure I can rock the bangs...I also would love to have red hair but alas I can't commit to maintaining that or any hair color. I just know I need a change and I hope I'm happy with the results. I need to just start thinking happy thoughts. Maybe something along these lines....oh Penny!

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