Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday's book of the week

Just in time for the new year, 365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental and illustrated by Joelle Jolivet, will surely delight children of all ages and perhaps even brush up your own math skills. Now this book is large format. I mean huge, I believe it is 11 x 14 inches so it makes for a great book to read as a group. The premise is one that teaches children both math and environmental awareness. On Jan 1 a family receives a strange package that contains one penguin and will continue to receive a penguin for each day of the year, hence the title 365 Penguins. Chaos quickly ensues as the family has to learn how to live and care for so many penguins. Also brought to question is who exactly keeps sending them. The illustrations are so exquisite, I am a sucker for books that use only 2-3 colors. I immediately gravitated towards this book when I saw it 2 years ago and cannot wait to show Emma when I arrive back home in Tampa. Half of my collection is still back home, because needless to say I collect children's books.

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