Monday, December 20, 2010

Emma Finney, sous chef

Hammer don't hurt them

my turn

Yesterday Emma and I made sugar cookies, well I made and she helped cut them out. She at first wanted nothing to do in the kitchen but once I had the dough all flattened and ready to go, her interest was piqued. I think she thought it was play dough. She eventually started grabbing whatever tools were around like a can opener or measuring spoons and uesd them as alternative cookie cutters. Needless to say I really do not enjoy making cookies. They are messy, tedious and so easy to burn. The small ones are like rocks and the bigger ones are cracker like. However spending time in the kitchen with my girl was wonderful. I loved every moment of that time.
It was NOT a productive day in the kitchen. We ran out of sugar and I thought for sure a 5lb bag would last until me Feb. I always forget how Ant likes to drink his sugar with a little coffee. So with no sugar, my red velvet cupcakes came out so so. I love their consistency but they really needed a full 2.5 cups of sugar and all I had left was less than 1.5. Poop! Plus since I was testing my tweaks to get them to the consistency I like, the batter was too liquidy and I couldn't make whoopie pies. Also without sugar I could not do my 3rd cookie, so I will be baking again tonight. I really wanted these gifts to be out the door today but alas, tomorrow. I just want a night to sit and watch Its a Wonderful Life and drink egg nog. On the bright side, I made my dads cookies and they taste just as his did! I still think his are better but I will attempt to make again on weds so I can bring some down to Tampa and share with my family.
So this week should fly by. I have so much work to do , I need to wrap and pack and clean....ooooohhhh time....

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